Wait, What!??!

Whatta Wunnerful exclaim ❗️

You hear it Live in passing conversations.

You hear it often in movies and games and shows.

From South Park to News Interviews – somewhere unexpectedly,

Someone says in response, usually after a four second memory replay delay,

“Wait… What !? (InterroBang asci character)

IN That conversation,

AT that exact moment,

Right There, In-Between the Eclipse and

the What –

That’s the moment a human mind questions the continuity of what they just heard. That iz a very important moment.

That each part of YoU get to pass thru too. Just U using your amazing Brain and Soul to process the world you are an important part of too. It’s all ’bout being all you can be, individually. Then EbbyBody (as in All Peeps) connects intellectually to EbbyBody as a grid, not a list, and with each being all, EbbyBody counts, no wasted time over hierarchy and woes and waste with Authority.

A Globe of Connected, Cells of pure trust efficiency,.

Decisions made after analyzes input by l available peeps . somehow I envision humanity as a form of swarm like precision connection. No leader. Group think, thought down to planet wise control over resources and needs. Must not be able to get corrupted.



Polish down to few words…

But not tonight.

Whom Ever is Reeding this far…

Welcome to the earliest stage of a Great Sho.

Pardon the mess, we’re new at this too. Canya Believe so little and Hope so much, just a little bit longer now…?